10 Fun Fly Fishing Facts For Fly Fisherman

man fly fishing in river

Fly fishing has rapidly become one of the most popular angling methods in the sport today. That being said, fly fishing has been around for over 1700 years. For many anglers fly fishing is still an elusive fishing technique that can be daunting. In this article were going to give you some fun fly fishing facts that may shed some light on this great sport.

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10 Fly Fishing Facts

#1 Fly fishing has been utilized since 200 AD.

#2 Original fishing rods consisted of a long pole, line, and a fly.

#3 In the 18th century bamboo became the material of choice for fly fishing poles.

#4 Also in the 18 century rings were added to fly rods to give better control of the fly line.

#5 The first fishing reels were made of brass. These brass reels were referred to as winches.

#6 Anglers used strands of materials laced together for fly line originally.

#7 The fist manufactured fly fishing lines were produced during the industrial revolution.

#8 The first modern fly fishing reel was developed in England that allowed fly line to spool freely for long distances.

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#9 Dry flies were produced in the early 19th century because there was a need to have a fly that sat on the surface of the water just above grass beds.

#10 In the 1920’s fly fishing really began to expand in the United States grabbing the attention of trout anglers.

Immigrants coming to America during the 1800’s found rivers teeming with fish in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and upstate New York.

During the 20th century, fly fishermen were experiencing the plentiful rivers and streams in Colorado, Utah and California.

Types of Fish

Fly fishing is typically associated with trout or salmon, but this technique can be used to catch any number of fish.

Fly fisherman commonly fly fish in small streams, rivers, lakes, and saltwater pursuing any species from trout, to sunfish, bass, bone fish and even tarpon or tuna.

Nearly any type of fish can be caught fly fishing and it is certainly a more exciting experience than a boring rod and reel!

Fishing Flies – Basic Facts

The main types of flies used in fly fishing are

  • Nymph Flies
  • Wet Flies
  • Dry Flies
  • Streamer Flies
trout caught after fly fishing

Nymphs are flies that mimic pupal and nymph stage insects and are emergers fished just below the surface of the water.

Wet flies are fished below the surface of the water and imitate fish eggs, worms and freshwater shrimp.

Dry flies sit on the water’s surface and mimic mayflies, grasshoppers and caddis flies.

Streamers are large flies fished underwater and copy leeches and baitfish.

These types of flies vary depending on what type of waters you fishing and conditions.

Now that you have learned a few fly fishing facts, get out on the river and catch a monster fish!